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About the materials

Product Details - Aluminium

Brighten up an otherwise plain wall with one of our aluminium photo prints. These metal prints are durable and the aluminium di-bond will add a natural brightness to the photos.

Professionally printed and mounted on a 3mm thick aluminium composite panel, consisting of a plastic core with two aluminium plates, these aluminium mounted prints add a modern touch to any home and ensure a smooth, matte finish.

You can get them in selected sizes (see each product).

Product details - Premium Canvas

There´s a picture hanging in the outhouse
Of glory and love and so on
But the colors looks like they are cheating
If you look at the picture too long

Where the blissful hummingbirds are singing
And the willow is humming along
But your guts may soon distrust the vision
If you look at the picture too long

Where all the flowers are in blossom
And the people looks happy and strong
But a dreamer’s brush may be suspected
If you look at the picture too long
— Daniel Norgren, from the album Alabursy

We believe there’s no substitute for skilled craftsmanship, that’s why we’re so proud of our handmade Photo Canvas Prints. We can confidently say that when it comes to quality, CEWE are second to none. We’ll also provide the hanging fittings (included in the price) for you, so you there’s no need to wait to display your beautiful piece of custom artwork.

Each Canvas Print is created by the team of trained experts from CEWE. The images are printed onto high quality 340gsm poly-cotton canvas fabric which is carefully stretched and wrapped tightly around a sturdy, hand-crafted, real wood frame. Every single Canvas Print is inspected by one of the experts, to ensure that each one meets the high-quality standards of CEWE.

About CEWE

CEWE Ltd is Europe’s largest photo company, a company with over 50 years of experience in all things photo printing.

Supplying award-winning products to retail partners in 24 European countries, CEWE is Europe’s number one photo company. With 3,300 employees across 11 high tech production sites, today CEWE print enough photos each year to stretch around the world almost 10 times!

At FotoKnoff, we are proud to work with CEWE through our local partner CEWE Japan Photo Trondheim.