KISS live concert photography 2019

Personally I have waited for this moment since my first experience with the band back in 1978. Doing live concert photos from the pit in front of the stage of my favorite rock band has been the #1 wish ever since.

As a photographer, I always strive for THE MOMENT. And with photography at concerts or other stage plays (theatre, opera etc.) with the people on stage doing natural poses all the time, it is always a pleasure.

With KISS there is another step up - their stage show and personas with the makeup and spectacular show. In Trondheim 2019-06-28 there were no different; it was all there, the firework, makeup, tongue, blood and shiny instruments.

Thanks to Trondheim Stage for the photo opportunity.

Enjoy the photos from an extraordinary show;

Photos: Sven-Erik Knoff/FotoKnoff © 2019 All rights reserved.