The story behind a shoot: Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Photoshoot with a symphony orchestra on green screen

I was approached during fall 2016 by my client Trondheim Symphony Orchestra to book time in April 2017 for a shoot with the entire orchestra. Together we came up with the idea of a photo shoot on a large green screen.

This would give them the flexibility to change environment and look and feel instead of doing a shoot in a concert hall or anywhere outdoors. 

I got very good help from Arild and the guys at INTERFOTO - my favorite photo equipment store in Oslo, Norway. They are the only one in Norway to have for rent that large amount of Profoto generators, heads and extras that I needed beside my own equipment.

Doing a shoot like this is really all about preparation. And that was what we did. We worked with the preparations over 2 months. Then the pre-preparations on location took place some days before I went in using three days with the large screens, lights and testing.

We had scheduled 3 hours for doing the shoot, and we ended up doing the entire shoot for 2 hours. A symphony orchestra really know how to co-work and know their time schedule. Needless to say; We were very well organized.

A big thank you to Trondheim Symphony Orchestra under the leadership of their chief conductor Han-Na Chang, and marketing manager Nina Steen for coordination and booking.

Shooting equipment


  • 1 x Pro-10
  • 3 x Pro-8a
  • 2 x Pro-B4
  • 2 x B1
  • 2 x B2


  • 4 x Colorama Chroma Green, 3,55 x 30
  • 1 x Colorama Arctic White, 2,72 X 11

Cameras: Canon 5DS R and Canon 5D Mark IV.