Sea eagle - close encounter at Hitra, Norway

Meeting this sea eagle at Hitra in Norway was an exceptional experience. Getting as close to the eagle as we did is nearly impossible.

I don't consider myself as a wildlife/wild animals photographer. But with some of the wild animals out there I get excited when I can see them in the wild. And this sea eagle was not afraid of us, but kept an eye on us to see what was going on.

Most probably the eagle had been in the water (fishing) and was sitting on this ships navigation pole to dry out. I saw him on far distance and as we were approaching he was just watching us as we were closing up with our boat. I asked the pilot to take us closer, and we were on a quite short distance when Mr. Eagle found his way out of there. This was at sunset and the light is beautifully soft and I was able to capture super sharp photos, hanheld with the big camera (on a boat!).

The photos was captured with my Canon 5DS R and the Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens (@200mm). Post: Just tiny adjustments were done in Adobe Lightroom.

Hitra is an island, two hours drive west/northwest of Trondheim, Norway.