Thank you, Sir Elton John!

Sir Elton John played in Sverresborg Arena (Sverresborg Folk Museum) in Trondheim and my photo got a lot of attention.

Instantly, after taking the photo on Friday's concert, I knew that it was special. As a professional photographer, you just know it. THIS is IT! Right after the concert, I went back to my office to transfer the photo to the computer and I shared it with the management of Trondheim Concerts and onto my Facebook-page and Instagram

On Saturday, Sir Elton John played his second night at the same arena, Sverresborg in Trondheim while I was in Oslo for another photo job.

Late Sunday night, right before I went to bed, I was aware of the many notifications on my mobile phone... Elton John posted my photo! Omg...! And many of my friends had seen it. I was really excited, and I went to bed due to new travel on Monday. 

On location at Sverresborg.

The photo consists of three exposures (HDR), shot with my Canon 5DS R, 11-24mm Canon Ultrawide Lens on a tripod.
— Sven-Erik Knoff | FotoKnoff

I was interviewed by Adressa, the regional newspaper, early Monday morning. At the same time, there was a lot of reactions to the Elton John's Instagram post from my friends saying that there was no photocredit to the post.

Adresseavisen 5. juli 2016

Ok, anyone who use other people's photos should give credit to the photographer or refer to a page or profile. However, I know that sometimes it is busy and it is easy to forget. The management is aware of that photo being mine after many people commented to it, and still haven't edited the post, but there must be other reasons for that. I really don't mind or bother with that. Anyone seeing the photo know that I took it and that is what matters.

The media exposure of Elton John posted the photo on Instagram was massive and I have been told it was the most read article on on Monday (despite it was published in the afternoon). Another post was published by NRK, and was also featured on their front page as well. Today, Tuesday July 5, the article is posted as a full page in the newspaper.

And I like it!