The story behind a shoot: BMW i8

I am a many-years-passionate-BMW-fan. And when I was told by my local BMW-dealer that they would get a new BMW i8 - white edition in the store, one thing struck me - I want to do a shoot with that car!

I have had a couple of months to plan this shoot, and when we finally found an opening, we could only hope for good weather = no rain + no wind.

The location for the shoot took place around "Dora" - a WW2-German-built submarine bunker in Trondheim, Norway. The rough industry-feel would, in my opinion, be a perfect scene for the shoot with this ultra-cool-vehicle and the model, Pernille - whom I have been fortunate to work with on a couple of shoots already.


We borrowed the clothes, hat and the bag from Kleins, a local fashion clothes store, and the sunglasses from Synsam, another local store. The people were super nice and friendly and I really recommend visiting them for shopping.

I was kindly asking the Port Authoroty in advance if they would help me placing the crane in a certain position for that night, and they did! I was amazed, that made a perfect back-drop for my composition.

Pernille did an awesome job, despite it was very cold during the shoot. The photos turned out just as I wanted and had planned.

To create these images, I was using my Canon 5DS R with Canon EF 50mm, f/1.2 lens.

As with many of my shoots, the Profoto lights contained 2 B1-heads, 2 B2-heads, one 1x6 softbox, one Zoom reflector, one grid and one barn door.