In to the arctic Lofoten, Norway

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Together with London based photographer, Emile Holba, I spent five incredible days in the beautiful islands of Lofoten, Norway, after a 1,200 km drive from Oppdal, south of Trondheim - Norway.

Reine is an old fishermen's village

After a nght spent in Henningsvær, we set our way to go to Reine, an old fishermen's village far west in Lofoten. At Reine we were lodged at Reine Rorbuer (rorbuer = fishermen's cabins), a large cabin with room for 6 -8 people, two seperate bathrooms and an amazing view.

To say the least we were not alone at this place, as it was surrounded by other photographers too.  Reine must be THE MOST photographed place in Lofoten. Every square centimeter here is documented to social media.

Yummy! The fresh, local food

The local food is fantastic. We had several fish dishes, of course, with highlights of the BEST w*** meat at Reine and traditional Skrei Mølje (poached, fresh cod with cod liver and cod roe) at Lofotenmat at Henningsvær. At this time of year, the fresh fish is at its best. And it is really fresh! When you ask in the restaurant how old the fish is, they just ask you "minutes or hours...?".

Mountains that will make your jaw drop

The mountain peaks in Lofoten is just jaw-dropping (!), as it is as rough and steep as seen in the alps, but often they drop straight down int the sea.

Arctic weather will make you freeze

If you are looking for warm weather with constant blue skies and mo wind, this is not the place for you. If you, however, are properly dressed for the cold and arctic winter, there is something for you. Winter time can really be tough around he, and it can vary a lot during one day, and even around the next mountain. A few times we were surprised by wind and heavy snow, but we made it well and safe back to the car, not destroying our camera gear.

The light - ohhhh yes, the light!

Being in the arctic at this time of year, the light is - well... AWESOME! Sometimes it is like being surrounded by the biggest softboxes ever. And the views are great all over. 

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Our goal was to find the hidden secrets of Lofoten, and ohhhh yes, did we find it. But! We should have had another week, at least, to enjoy this in full. We will be back, and so can you! If you want to take part of our future photo events, just fill out the form and you can pre-sign up for future events.

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Even for me, as a Norwegian, this was an amazing journey of exploration.