#Blizzard2016 - meet your match. Photo used in social media by BMW USA

Needless to say, I was very excited when I was contacted by BMW USA asking for permission to using my photo in all their social media channels.

The day after I got my new car, I went on a photo assignment for a client to one of the large islands off the coast of my hometown Trondheim, Norway. On the way back on this beautiful day I took this photo on this beautiful location with fresh snow - untouched by anyone.

I posted the photo on my Instagram page, and a couple of weeks later I was contacted by the guys at BMW USA asking for permission to use it.

Meet your match

My photo was used in connection with the storm named «Jonas», called #Snowzilla and #Blizzard2016 among many other names. 

Large audience

I am honored for such a brand as BMW using my photo and think it turned out great. BMW USA have several hundreds of thousand followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they are not posting a lot every day. The posts with my photo was widely interacted by shares, likes and comments.