The story behind a photo: A kayaker's portrait

A long time planned shoot

For a long time I have wanted to do and planned on doing a special shoot with a kayak paddler, but this time not in the water. I have been scouting several locations until I found the right one at Skansen in Trondheim, Norway. Doing the shoot in the middle of March in Trondheim was great because of the special light and colors late afternoon. Trondheim is quite far north, but not considered as North Norway. However, that means very dark winter and very light summer.

The model

Roger «KayaKid» Raknes is the name of the model, taking his time with me and doing a great pose for this shoot. His characteristic grey-ish beard makes a very nice texture to the image I wanted. Check out his website,, he's a great kayak paddler, too.

The shoot and the gear

I was introduced to Profoto - The Light Shaping Company a couple of months ago by an amazing English photographer, Emile Holba, and by his recommendation I bought the B1 Location Kit which really opens new doors and opportunities for me doing creative portraits and more outdoors.

For the shoot, I used both B1's and 1 Zoom Reflector, 1 Beauty Dish and 1 SoftBox 2x3 RFI with grid in several combinations and setup.

My very much appreciated camera, the Canon 6D is always great and I used the 70 - 200mm f/2.8L IS II USM for the entire shoot.

The shoot has begun. The sweater, scarf, glasses and carbon fiber oars. ISO 100, f/8.0, 1/10 sec.

I think this is a great shot. The sunglasses reflects the light, and he is just a natural pose. ISO 100, f/13, 0,3 sec.

The darkness really comes fast, but I think we were able to capture a really great moment here. ISO 100, f/13, 0,8 sec.

Just doing something different. ISO 100, f/13, 0,5 sec.

Last shot for the evening, no kayak this time, and the sunset in the horizon. ISO 100, f/9, 0,8 sec.

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