The story behind a shoot - Stormtroopers visiting the Tourist Information Centre

Lost in space...

4 Stormtroopers asked for help in the Tourist Information Office in Trondheim, Norway

While I was working as the content manager/head of digital media in the marketing company, Visit Trondheim, I came up with this conceptual idea of the Stormtroopers visiting the information office as lost in space.

My collegue at that time, Veronika, told me that her boyfriend is a cosplayer and he is joining with other Star Wars-fans in 501st Nordic Garrison. On the Norwegian constitution day, 17th of May, they dressed up for the parade, and as it took place right outside the tourist information office, we were able to do the shoot real quick after the parade.

The guys looked awesome in the gear, and they were really supportive and helpful and I was able to take the shots I wanted.

You can experience cosplayers like these guys everywhere on the planet, often visiting children in hospitals etc.

"We are lost, can you please help us?"

Selecting guidebooks, "where can we go?"

Souvenirs and postcards to bring back home

Reading guidebooks

A real classic shot for all tourists!

Looking forward for the World Premiere of the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens:

PS. The above shoot was not supported by nor any permissions asked for/given by Lucasfilm/Disney and has nothing to do with the original characters.
The photos are strictly not for commercial and any other use than on this blog.