Aurora season here we come!

Outdoor photography is fun.

And it is even more fun when it's a little dark. Living in the middle part of Norway can be a little tricky regarding darkness as it doesn't get really dark until late August.

Last season the Aurora Borealis was very active and we could experience the Northern Lights quite often from August until April. Sometimes it was there but nothing exceptional, and sometimes it was amazing.

Aurora Borealis, also called Northern Lights, above the city centre of Trondheim, Norway.

To take a good shot of the Aurora Borealis the best is to seek a very dark place to avoid light pollution. Tripod is a must when you do long exposure shots! Normally I use my Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens, with ISO 640, f/2.8 and I adjust the exposure time between 10 - 15 seconds. 

I adjust the lens to "infinity" and turn off the automatic stabilizer, the I take the photo using a remote control. My remote is a wired remote and it works out fine, also if I take series of shots in locked position.

When to see it? I follow several blogs, sites and apps to stay alert with Aurora and weather forecasts. And then it is a lot of waiting. Did I mention warm clothes...? :-)

Post processing as always with Lightroom.