10 of my favorite shots of 2014

2014 was a very busy year for me. I have been working on my skills getting better at what I do to capture THE moment. Also, during the summer I made my decision to start working 100% commercially on photography from 2015. A big thing, but I believe in having faith in what you do and then go for it. 2015 will be very exciting as my first year of professional photography working with many different clients in Norway and more.

At the end of the year it is exciting to go through photos I took over the last 12 months, yet very difficult to choose only 10. A big thank you for reading this, please enjoy the photos and I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015! 

Sven-Erik :-)

Clicking on the images below will open a larger version into a lightbox.

Snøhetta mountain at Dovrefjell in Norway.

This panoramic photo is put together by five images captured October 2 at sunrise. I went on my bike very early that morning in the dark on the remote road to find a location to take these shots. I knew the first snow was there on the mountain already and the combination with autumn colors was a very nice view.

St. Vincent playing at Pstereo Festival 2014.

I spent many hours doing photography at several concerts this year. And it is hard to pick just a single one. Getting a good concert photo is very much about timing, but also about the right adjustments on the camera. I was able to capture this in a brief second she was standing still. An amazing artist and a great concert. And I think this is a great capture.

The fishing instructor and the apprentice at Størdalselva, Hembre Gård.

Very close to the main airport of Trondheim, you find one of the best salmon rivers in Norway, Stjørdalselva. In July I was there to capture the moods of salmon fishing. I was spending hours together with the fishers, up to my waist in the river, trying to capture the moment of getting the salmon on the hook. Unfortunately, I was not able to catch any salmon moments, but I think this is a great shot that tells the story of fishing.

Olavsfestdagene 2014. Concert at Borggården, Nidarosdomen Cathedral.

This was from the Olavsfestdagene Festival, the largest cultural and spiritual festival in Norway, at the concert of Åge Aleksandersen, one of the most popular Norwegian rock musicians. There was 6000 people at the venue, and I was given the permission to climb up to the top of the south west tower of the cathedral to capture this. Right at sunset.

The lowest rank and hated Night Man inside his house at Sverresborg Museum in Trondheim, Norway.

This is a shot I did right on location at the Sverresborg museum without any rehearsing or adjustments. The actor just did a great job playing his role as the Night Man. The Night Man was the lowest on the rank in the city and everyone hated him. His house was in the outskirts of the city and he only came out at night to pick up garbage and leftovers of bodies after executions. Nobody wanted to look him in the eyes nor touch him in order to get dirty for the rest of their lives. A very sad part of the history of the city.

Aurora Borealis, Northern lights, at Nidarosdomen Cathedral.

Nidarosdomen Cathedral wanted a shot of the cathedral with the Northern lights as a backdrop for commercial purpose (postcards, fridge door magnets etc.). Nearly an impossible task, but I told them that I would do my best. I was very lucky, only a few days later all conditions was perfect. Northern lights, clear skies, high tide and crystal clear water. This is a very rare capture of an incredibly bright Aurora Borealis. This is not the actual photo they picked, you can buy it at the cathedral's souvenir shop.

The guest organ soloist, Thomas Trotter, playing the impressive Steinmeyer organ at Nidarosdomen Cathedral.

I really respect the work as a photographer trying to capture the moment in combination with not disturbing other people and their moment. It is all about moving and acting silently, not triggering the camera in total silence, changing lenses and so on. Like here at the cathedral during the concert with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and the guest organ soloist Thomas Trotter playing on the large one-of-a-kind Steinmeyer organ.

Rauma river near Åndalsnes, Norway.

This was taken during my drive from Oslo to Ålesund on a late Friday afternoon. Driving down the valley I saw the river was very calm and had a greenish color. There was such a beautiful scenery all over so I stopped the car and captured this photo with very nice reflections.

December morning by the river Nidelven.

A client wanted a shot from this angle for a "floor-to-ceiling-mount" for one of their conference rooms. This was taken on a mid-December morning when the light is very special due to the low sun in the horizon. It was a very cold morning as you can see on the frosty river. I like the color contrasts in this shot and also all of the full lighting in the offices at NTNU.

Happy New Year!

The last shot on my list is actually one of the first shots I did in 2014. I was spending the night outside to capture the official city fireworks in Trondheim. It came out really well and was a great prize for spending New Years Eve outside. In this photo you can see the Nidarosdomen Cathedral, Tyholt tv tower, Kristiansten Festning (Fortress) and more.