Client work

We work a large number of different companies and organizations, both for photography and filmmaking. Our speciality is to working closely with the client on a wide perspective of demands. Whether it is corporate portraits, location shots, architecture photography, 360-scan, virtual 3D, drone shots or commercial films for TV or social media, we have the ability to fulfill all your business' photography needs.

Although our list of clients are mainly Norwegian companies, we do want to work globally. So do not hesitate by contacting us for your next project.

SpareBank 1 Lom og Skjåk

2019. Short commercial film made for the local bank. Additional shots (children, fishing, woman) were made by Scanout.

Pirbadet, Trondheim - Norway

2019. 10 short films made for a nationwide campaign to preventing drowning accidents. 1 of the films were made for cinemas.

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Quality Hotel Skifer, Oppdal - Norway

Long term relationship with the client. Work contains photography of the hotel including rooms, restaurant, season variations and more.

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Havila Kystruten

2019. Promotion film for the launch of the four brand new environmently friendly ships under construction and ready for operations from January 2021.

Mitsubishi Norge

2018. Commercial TV and social media advertisement for the L200 model. The project also included several location photos.


2018/2019. Photos of salmon eggs for documenting the process of salmon.

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra - La Traviata

2018. Photography at the dress rehearsal. Photos for the main programme and for TV screens at the venue (Olavshallen, Trondheim - Norway).

Visit Varanger

2018/2019. Photography and film project covering the entire Varanger (in Finnmark county, Norway) region through the whole year. The project contains photography and filmmaking (film release April/May 2019).

Awarded Best Film in the category Sports Tourism at Japan World Tourism Film Festival 2019.

Visit Jotunheimen

Promotion film for the Jotunheimen region. This film was awarded 2.nd place for Responsible & Sustainable Tourism at the Art & Tur International Tourism Film Festival in Portugal 2018.

Narvik 2025 AS

2018. Teaser for Narvik application - World Championship Alpine Events 2025.

Awarded place for Sports Tourism at Art & Tur International Tourism Film Festival, Portugal 2018.

Dolmsundet Hotel, Hitra - Norway

Variety of photos over the years.

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