Behind the camera.

About FotoKnoff 

Sven-Erik Knoff has successfully combined photography with the marketing of the Trøndelag region and its largest city, Trondheim; the old capital of Norway. Sven-Erik works in collaboration with companies and individuals in a variety of industries, alongside building a respected wedding photography business. Spending many hours capturing the famed northern lights and wild nature’s moods caught the attention of the BBC, who published his photographs of aurora high above Trondheim, to much acclaim. Also, a joint film project created throughout 2013 & 2014 received considerable media attention, as the project combined different photo angles taken from both aircraft and drones to promote the beauty of Trondheim. The resulting film was shown in more than 400,000 times across various international media portals. Sven-Erik shoots with Canon 5D Mark IV & Canon 5Ds R bodies, along with a broad selection of Canon’s L-Series lenses and often in combination with studio lights and light modifiers from Profoto.

Selected clients & publications: Postgirobygget, Olavsfestdagene, Trondheim Concerts/Elton John, BMW, BBC, NHO, NHO Trøndelag, Innovasjon Norge, KPMG, Visit Norway, Adresseavisen, NRK Trøndelag, Aftenposten, Dagbladet, Hurtigruten, Kreftforeningen, Tripps Båtservice, Crazy Coyote Events, Britannia Hotel, Trondheim Tech Guide, Glamox Luxo Lighting, Pirbadet, Skifer Hotel Oppdal, Visit Norway, Øyna, Husfrua, Jægtvolden Fjordhotel, Visit Trondheim, Trondheim Symfoniorkester, Trondheim Kommune, Impello, InderøyBryllup, Stage Dolls, Åge Aleksandersen, Charlotte Audestad, Magasinet Padling.


For the best lighting in every situation, I use PROFOTO lighting equipment, and the PROFOTO B1 and PROFOTO B2 are very flexible and useful for remote photo jobs. For exact light measurement, I use the Sekonic L-758DR.

On location with Profoto lighting systems.

My interest in photography developed when I was very young, and I finally purchased my first professional camera when I was working on a cruise ship back in the 1990’s.
A few years ago I started sharing photos with other, and finding my own style of professional photography
— Sven-Erik Knoff | FotoKnoff
Travelling, working as a chef was the best way to explore the world and to get inspiration. I took a lot of photos with my camera then.

Travelling, working as a chef was the best way to explore the world and to get inspiration. I took a lot of photos with my camera then.


The work

My work is widely used on customers websites, presentations and brochures. My photos are being ordered for commercial and non-commercial use. 

Check out my Galleries section to see examples of my work on architechture, outdoors and people.

Wedding shoot in Budapest, Hungary.