Photo; Emile Holba,

Photo; Emile Holba,


24/7. We do photography and filmmaking for a living.

As photographers we often get the questions about on the fields and our speciality. The best answers to those questions will always be; we do what the clients ask us to do. We plan the projects together with the client, to ensure the client gets what they are after.

Through the years the company has received several international awards for photography and filmmaking.

We are based in Norway and we can do work assignments world-wide.

I started FotoKnoff as a one-person-company in 2014. Working my way up, getting more and more assignments with small and large companies and projects around Norway, the company made a new step in 2018 by getting professional office space and being an employer to others. Our main goal is to the deliver high quality material for our clients.
— Sven-Erik Knoff - FotoKnoff

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